Wednesday, June 20, 2012

That was no fun!

I reinstalled Windows 7 on my PC after installing Windows 8 Preview. Let me tell you it SUXXoRD! I had to run certain programs either in compatibility mode or as administrator. If I installed BlueSoleil, the Gods forbid, would completely kill 8. So, I reinstalled 7, now my programs should in theory run better. Hope Microsoft kills the bugs in 8.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My findings

I originally planned on doing a YouTube video, but decided against it. So, here goes: This SuperSpeed USB panel connects to a PCIExpress slot via a cable.

Motherboard to device adapter

Cable end to adapter

Now how this device is PCIExpress compliant is something I don't know. I do not have access to the PCIExpress specifications. The four port "hub" is connected by the aforementioned cable. The ends of the cable strangely say "USB 3.0" as no USB signals travel over it.

The controller package says the manufacturer is "VLI" but according to my PC, the manufacturer is "VIA". I have not been able to find any datasheet for the USB controller. The part number is VL800-Q8. If someone finds any info about this controller, please let me know.

The card reader part uses an Alcor Micro AU6477 flash memory controller. I could not find a specific datasheet for it but found one for the '75. I assume the '77 is just a revision that supports SDXC, and the pinouts are the same between the two.

The card reader was transplanted from my old frame into the new, but I had to do some cutting of the front faceplate to put everything back into alignment
As for data transfer rates go, I shall see as soon as I get a SuperSpeed thumbdrive. Pardon the blurry images, as I was using my phone to take the images, I will be getting a proper camera sometime this year.