Saturday, January 26, 2013


The Dreamcast controllers hurt. I have to hold them in the weirdest position. Playing Death Crimson OX with out a gun controller does not help, but the controls for, well, a controller are a little odd for a seasoned gamer like me. Now, with modern games one or more of the shoulder buttons are allocated to shooting. With this game "A" is used, rather than the more sensible "R" trigger. Where this control scheme hurts is about 2-3 inches above my wrists. Now, I don't have that many games to test out for different control schemes. I have 9 games, hardly a decent sample size to test. Sometime next month, I'll pick up Soul Calibur 1 for the ol' Dreemie and really see how comfortable the controller is, if the stock controller turns out to be the problem, I'll see about shopping around for a more comfortable controller. In closing, I might get some mileage out of this thing. I just don't know. See ya.

Monday, January 7, 2013

So close...

...I can just hear it. My keyboard will be here in about 12 hours. USB cable:√ Keyboard to PC audio cable:√ Sustain pedal:√. Let's get this party started.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


My support for Windows XP has officially ended. Tomorrow, I'm depositing Christmas loot and the next day, ordering new music keyboard. The only reason I was holding onto XP was an old driver acting as the keyboard.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Intresting development...

I inherited a sizable haul of Dreamcast paraphernalia. In this package: 4 controllers, 8 games, 1 demo disc, 1 AV cable, 2 RF switches, a VMU, a tremor pak, and a useless gun controller with ripped apart buttons. One of the RF switches has all of the AV port pins populated. I plan on using that connector by building a universal AV cable out of it. Off to Play n Trade tomorrow to pick up a Dreamcast to see what works. See ya! Turns out in the haul was was a Dreemy. A really filthy one. So, out comes the screwdrivers, take it apart, sponge, dish liquid, rinse, done! Just need some WD-40 to get rid of tape residue from the cover failing to close. Fixed that while I was at it.