Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I acquired an old ThinkPad A22m from the thrift store. It came with Windows 2000. I pulled the old hard drive and installed a 100 GB hard drive and installed Win Me. Yeah, yeah, I know Me is the scourge of the Earth, but hear me out. I need a PC that can access devices directly with the USB mass storage stack built in. You know what's funny about these Lenovo machines? I also can run Cubic Player, the DOS version, natively but with issues. The keyboard connector might be the same between machines. What would be cool is my T400 daily driver rocking an old-style keyboard. I was thinking about creating a hot-rod-esque notebook.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another rant...

I fucking hate HDMI. I have my cable box hooked into my PC temporarily to get video out of it until my switcher is complete but the connection keeps dropping for unknown reasons. When the switcher is complete all of my AV devices will connect via full-service analog video. With analog video connections, one can figure out what is wrong with the connection. With HDMI, anything can go wrong and you haven't a fucking clue what the bloody fucking hell is wrong. Looks like I've got to rebuild my super long breakout cable and go analog.